Risk Advisory Services

Every challenge and every opportunity an organization faces today demands change. And with change comes risk. Some risks you can see, some you can predict, some you can plan for, and some you can’t.

IGA understand the issues around risk which inspire us to ask better questions. By teaming globally with client organization, we co-create more innovative answers that help our client see risk management as a means to accelerate their performance.

IGA Risk Advisory Services focuses on key areas of risk to the organization while recognizing the need for a holistic approach to risk. This enables organizations to drive growth by integrating risk domains, developing predictive risk models and aligning risk management with business strategy.



1. Internal Audit 6. SOX Advisory & Compliance
2. Standard Operating Procedures 7. IT Advisory
3. Performance Improvement Studies 8. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Advisory
4. Enterprise Risk Management 9. Forensic Advisory Services
5. Corporate Governance