Amarjit “Jeet” Singh

Amarjit “Jeet” Singh
Amarjit “Jeet” Singh
Trade Consultant, U.S.


Amarjit “Jeet” Singh is a Trade Consultant at India Global Advisors. Mr. Singh, with
his prior experience at the Center for International Trade and Development, advises
clients on trade issues including market entry, trade and logistical issues, local
partnership networks and working with governments and non-government


Mr. Singh obtained his B.A. in International Business Administration from California
State University, San Bernardino.


1) Organized and managed four successful Model United Nation Conferences
with recognition from and in collaboration with the United Nations
Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
2) Recipient of 5 Outstanding Delegation awards at National Model UN New
3) Recipient of 5 Outstanding Delegation Awards at National Model UN New
York (NMUN NY)
4) Awarded Outstanding Position Papers:
o 2010 United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
o 2013 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development