Sports, Media & Entertainment


According to the U.S. International Trade Administration, India’s vibrant Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry, known as Bollywood (which technically refers to the North Indian film industry but is used universally to describe India’s entertainment industry), is expected to grow to US$41.4 billion (10.5 percent CAGR) by 2019, led by digital sectors[1].

Various high-growth sectors of Media and Entertainment Industry

  • Filmed Entertainment
  • Video Games
  • Publishing
  • Music
  • Sports

Some Interesting Facts:

  1. The $25 billion India M&E industry is dominated by film, television and Internet access and is expected to grow at a 10.5 percent rate between 2018 and 2019.
  2. India has the third largest Internet market after the United States and China, with 302 million Internet users, but reigns supreme with 900 million mobile users.
  3. Radio and music remain a prominent source of revenue, and future growth is likely to result from digitization of distribution methods as a means to reach a larger number of consumers more efficiently. India’s Prime Minister is dedicated to a ‘Creative India; Innovative India,’ a slogan used in the forthcoming national IPR policy; and creating a ‘Digital India’ by 2019.
  4. The sports industry in India has grown extensively — from Rs. 43.7 billion in 2013 to Rs. 48 billion ($713 million) in 2015

There is a huge opportunity for U.S based companies in:

  • Filmed Entertainment
    • Filmed entertainment will grow 8.1 percent to $2.9 billion in 2019.
    • India’s TV market is set to expand to 165.3 million households at a rate of 1.9 percent by 2019, expanding from the current 150.1 million
    • The Government of India has supported the growth of this sector with various initiatives, such as digitizing the cable distribution sector to attract greater institutional funding and increasing the FDI limit from 74 percent to 100 percent in cable and DTH satellite platforms. Today, 100 percent FDI is permitted in film and advertising as well as TV broadcasting.

[1] International Trade Administration- Top Market Report Media and Entertainment Country Case study– 2016