About Us

About Us

India Global Advisors is a United States based consulting firm advising businesses and individuals on cross-border investment and business opportunities between the United States and India. Our services include strategic market entry, transaction advisory services, outsourcing, tax and trade advisory. We represent businesses in our core industry strengths including Franchising, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Education and Sports, Media & Entertainment.

As professional advisors with backgrounds in business, international trade, and tax, we help our clients develop deeper understanding of market opportunities through insights into the local economy by leveraging our on-the-ground local networks and relationships. We provide strategic guidance, actionable insights and comprehensive implementation and management services to expand your business globally. We work with top-level management and their teams to create effective risk mitigated strategies using real-time market intelligence that secure alignment for the enterprise and yield maximum productivity, profitability and efficiency of the business.


Guided and inspired by our vision, we aspire to become the premier conduit between the United States and India in business, industries.



To help our clients achieve high levels of economic success for their specific business and industry through global expansion, market intelligence and risk mitigation.


Core Values


Client Commitment

We understand and determine customer expectations in order to deliver high standard of professionalism and conscientiousness.



We strive to provide world class solutions to our clients by combining industry standards, integrated team expertize, research and innovation.



We adhere to high standards of ethical and professional conduct.



We recognize that an organization is stronger and more effective as a team as opposed to a collection of individual members.  We encourage and value the ideas, expertise and contributions of all team members.


Good Citizenship / Corporate Responsibility

We are focused on the triple bottom line: people, planet and revenue. We understand that communities are grappling with problems and sustainability isn’t just important for people and the planet, but also is vital for business success.


Knowing how and when to make crucial decisions is not always easy, as experienced advisors with background in industry, law and tax, we understand what it takes for a business to succeed.


As part of a senior executive or management team, there is always greater responsibility. Often, important aspects of running a business and expanding in overseas markets are overlooked, such as regional factors crucial in the decision-making process, and understanding the real “how to” in the local marketplace, with on the ground experienced advisors and market intelligence. In such scenarios, leveraging our expertise with your in-house teams and dedicated advisors helps ensure that competition is dominated, risk mitigated and progress is constant.


We are forward thinkers for business consulting that help you to better understand market opportunities and decisions you chose today. We provide innovative solutions that are specific to your needs through a four step plan of action that encompasses all factors and considerations that would impact on a business’ success.


Step 1: Spend time to analyze the business

We understand the industry and requirement of business with particular focus on the problem at hand.


Step 2: Develop business hypothesis

We, then develop possible business hypothesis and strategies as to screen out list of probable and best possible solutions to the problems related to specific industries and business.


Step 3: Test the hypothesis

Research is crucial to any new development or strategy implementation in business, that’s why we conduct intense local research to test the hypothesis screened out., including dialogue with the gate-keepers to certain functions/expertise and data analytics.


Step 4: Analyze the data

We then analyze the data that we have collected from ouron the ground network to assess insights.


Step 5: Insights and Conclusions

Finally, using the insights and conclusions, we develop recommendations for top-level management and show them why and how executing the recommendations provided by us will bring tangible value to the business.